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Welcome to Deliciously Sprinkled! My name is Jenn and I’m the twenty-something year old author, recipe developer, and photographer behind this blog. As you can tell, I love SPRINKLES

My passion for baking started when I was a little girl, helping my mom bake Christmas cut-out cookies every year. Since then it’s grown into my love of developing simple, delicious recipes that everyone can bake and enjoy. I’ve got a big sweet tooth, so consider yourself warned as you’re going to find a lot of desserts, sweet treats, and anything with SPRINKLES! But to avoid a complete sugar overload, I will share some of my favorite SKINNY SPRINKLE recipes…because life is all about balance, right!?

Deliciously Sprinkled started in January 2014. It started out as a simple way for me to share all of my recipes with my friends and family. In a little less then a year, my website has grown and has turned  into my full time job. I dedicate 110% of myself to be the recipe developer, baker, food stylist, food photographer, and author of Deliciously Sprinkled. And yes, it’s a TON of work but I LOVE every minute of it!

My website is a fun, friendly place to share my passion for baking with all of you, my awesome readers! I’m a baker, not writer…you will find my writing style to be short, and sweet. I write exactly how I would talk to YOU in real life with run-on sentences, non sentences, and lots exclamation points, because let’s be honest the real reason your here is because you want to make one or all of my delicious recipes. I keep it simple with no fuss, no hassle, and easy recipes which include  step-by-step photos to help YOU recreate my recipes with ease. If I can do it, you can too!

I hope to inspire you to grab a jar of SPRINKLES, start baking and have FUN!


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