Caramel Apple

puppy chow

All your favorite flavors of a delicious caramel apple are in this easy to make apple cinnamon puppy chow drizzled with hot carmel. It’s so addicting, it’s going to be your new favorite fall snack!

what you need:

• Apple Cinnamon Cereal • Green Candy Melts • Lime Green Candy Melts • Shortening • Vanilla Cake Mix • Ground Cinnamon

Pour Chex mix into two bowls. Set aside. Mix apple cinnamon cake mixture in two separate Ziploc bags. Set aside.



Melt green and lime green candy melts with shortening separately. Pour melted green candy melts over one bowl of Chex cereal. Pour melted lime green candy melts over the other. Stir to coat.

Pour one mixture into one prepared Ziploc bag and pour the other cereal mixture into the other. Seal bags and shake.



Pour each mixture together in a bowl and mix. Drizzle with caramel topping.


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